Peach Pellen

I have been involved in mobile application development for iOS and Android devices since early 2008. Rather than a long, rambling page, here is a list of quick facts about me and my work.
  • I am the CTO of Black Gate Games, who acquired Platino in January 2015
  • I started developing professionally in 2008
  • In 2009 I created a successful website dedicated to teaching people without experience to create mobile apps, LearnPlatino is version 2.0 of that concept
  • In 2010 I joined Ansca Mobile as an Evangelist and Developer Support Engineer
  • In 2012 the company changed direction and I moved on to Lanica where I continued my role as an Evangelist while also working as a Project Manager and Developer
  • In 2014 I started becoming more hands on with in-person events, meetups, conferences and hackathons; my favorite to date was giving presentation on Platino at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
  • I am a sporadic contributor to App Developer Magazine
  • I am a part of the Intel Innovator Program
  • I have worked on over 100 applications in a hands-on role from small projects to things so big I am not allow to talk about them publicly
  • I maintain a second website at where I write a 10% about myself, 90% about technology and general nerdery
  • I will be speaking at Connect JS in October 2015
  • Code I have written has been included in several thousand mobile applications, which still blows my mind after 7 years in this industry
  • I am currently working on a Udemy course for people who want to learn how to develop mobile apps with no previous coding experience
  • I was recently interviewed by Playboy for Gamer Next Door, stay tuned for the video
As to me as a person, here is a little information in no particular order
  • I am from Australia (Adelaide originally, Melbourne for awhile, then Sydney for several years)
  • I am half British, which is why no one can ever tell exactly where I am from based on my accent
  • Between insomnia and being a workaholic I haven’t had a working week under 80 hours since I was 17
  • I immigrated to America in 2012 and have lived in Florida, California (home), and Arizona (my current base)
  • I was a high school dropout and taught myself how to code, although I wound up getting my high school diploma in 2012 after discovering I could just take the tests here without attending as a student
  • I am extremely interested in wearable technology and the implications it will have on the industry in the coming years
  • I am extremely passionate about helping developers and contributing to the community
  • I enjoy coding small modules to help developers simplify tasks such as saving and loading basic data
  • I own WAY too many domains for someone who has no time to develop them
  • I am a fan of all forms of positive dichotomy, psychology and theories relating to concepts such as “outliers”
  • I am extremely eclectic in my tastes in music, movies and games; from Cher to Black Sabbath, The Devil’s Rejects to Love Actually and Animal Crossing to Grand Theft Auto
  • Although I am “retired” from Warcraft I still have a level 85 Druid, Mage, Rogue, Warrior and Death Knight
  • If you’d like to follow me, friend me, poke me and all that social stuff you can use the icons at the top of every page, the other social icons are for sharing content you find interesting
  • I haven’t had an empty inbox in over 5 years and it probably wont happen any time soon, I do my best to reply promptly, while also endeavoring to help everyone who contacts me – balancing the two is difficult; this is the best way to reach me at the current time

Thank you for taking the time to check out LearnPlatino – please get in touch with any questions, requests, feedback or if you are looking for advice on your project.

I have very limited availability, however I am always happy to get involved when I can and I have a long list of very reliable, talented developers who I can connect you with if appropriate.

Peach Pellen




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