A lot of you have asked me about what is happening with Techority, the tutorials, samples and templates. Welcome to Learn Platino.

Hello Developers/Future Developers!

I’d like to introduce you to Learn Platino, which is, for all intents and purposes, Techority 2.0.

I’ve had so many people ask me when my tutorials would be back, when I would be sharing more info on Platino/TiSDK/Javascript to help them get started or migrate from other frameworks. Until now, I haven’t been able to give a clear answer, beyond “I’m working on it”.

Finally, I can introduce “Learn Platino”, and give you a clear run down on what it’s all about.

Who is Learn Platino for?

  • People who have never developed a mobile app before, without any previous experience
  • Developers who’ve only had limited experience with other tools and may or may not know Javascript at all
  • New developers who are familiar with Javascript but not with Platino and/or TiSDK (aka Titanium)
  • Developers who have used Titanium but not Platino

And of course, over time, intermediate Platino developers looking to learn new skills as well. As I always have, I’ll start with the absolute basics to help you get started and then I will move forward from there.

What kind of content are you going to post?
First and foremost, tutorials! Platino for Newbies is about to ship. If you followed my “for Newbies” series from the past, you know that these are very gentle introductions, perfect for new users to go at their own pace, or those with some previous experience to get the basics of Platino down fast.
Of course, other content will come in time – and some tutorials will be different to others. Some will likely be videos, others will be basic snippets, others complete templates… plus, once in awhile, a video of me in a festive hat 🙂

What’s happening to Techority?
Techority will be phased out and replaced by Learn Platino. Most of the information there is defunct now and will never be updated. Those visiting Techority will be sent to a page on Learn Platino where they will see the reasons behind the move and, hopefully, choose to continue reading.

Why should I use Platino?
Over the past 6+ years I have helped thousands of developers learn how to code. Sometimes, I’ve been paid for it, either through my “day job” (which has ranged from Technical Support to Evangelist to Product Manager to CTO) or because someone has requested a block of my time one on one for training. However, the majority of help I have provided has been free; I regularly consult with newer developers via Skype, email, even phone for no charge and every tutorial I post is free.
So, why should you use Platino? The same reasons I am writing tutorials for it. I believe in it is the best tool for developers, new, intermediate or experienced like myself, to create cross platform mobile applications with. You have access to native code, you can build offline, you have actual working widgets that look great on iOS and Android thanks to the TiSDK, and Platino adds the ability to make amazing games with sprites, physics, particle effects and more.

What’s TiSDK and what does it have to do with Platino?
TiSDK is a Software Development Kit – hence the name. It is designed to let users build applications cross platform with Javascript, and is entirely free. It will be installed automatically with Platino.

What does Platino cost?
Platino is on sale for $149 at the time of writing; that price is for Platino Studio and Platino 3 – so you’re getting an SDK and an IDE. It’s extremely affordable and has been used by some of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. (I’m not allowed to post details online. Publicly. Cough.)
You can get it on the Platino store now.

In closing
I want to thank everyone who has reached out; not just recently but over the past several years. I am always happy to talk with developers and give advice and it’s an honor to have been able to help so many of you with your projects. I look forward to continuing on this path with you, whether you’re an old friend or a new acquaintance, and I hope you will continue to provide me with your feedback, requests and let me know the kind of things you struggle with when making mobile apps – I’m very excited about how I can help to make those areas easier, either with snippets and samples, or with my own little modules you can run to make various tasks, like saving and loading data, easier.

Thank you

Peach Pellen


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